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Leaders in Indoor Vertical Farming Technology

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Our business is to produce the freshest, cleanest produce to feed the world at scale.  Our modular indoor vertical farming turn-key facilities achieve this.

The E Agri system enables in country growing of fresh produce 30 times more productively, free of soil, air, water pollution and at a lower cost per kg of unit grown.


Initially in Australia, Singapore and China, E Agri has developed a low energy, high productions system that is applicable across various markets, can be delivered to any location, assembled on site from a centralised procurement hub to grow the freshest of food close to the customer.

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New Growth
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E Agri has a flexible country-licencing model, which allows it to operate in markets directly or with local partners. We deliver the system to grow the produce in country thus lowering the inherent risks and costs in farming and exporting fresh produce to other regions.

E Agri's indoor multi-leveled vertical growing system has a centrally controlled IoT-driven system enables year-round growing of leafy green vegetable and herbs.

Crops are grown in a fully controlled climate using LED lighting and CO2. We use 18 hours of LED lighting per day and we do not incorporate scissor lifts in our picking and placing of produce.

​Dependent on the type of produce the E Agri system is capable of producing over 350kg/m2 p.a. making the E Agri facility 30 times more productive than traditional growing.

Business Model

E Agri's IoT platform drives the management of a modern, automated, globally-connected indoor farm network.


Fully automated growing cycle - from seedling through to packaging.

Grown in an optimised controlled environment - free from all pollutants.

Hygienic growing environment limiting the need for any pesticides.

Closed loop recycling of water reduces water usage by 95%.

Module and scalable design from 500m2 to over 50,000m2.

Significant crop waste reduction through precision cropping.

Can be strategically located on the fringe of cities close to distribution centres or food processing facilities.

Our Point of Difference
Research and Development 

We believe our indoor vertical farming system is the most advanced and efficient growing system available.

Ongoing R&D - central facility for system improvements, growing optimisation, new plants etc.

Technical support - remote support to growers for both plant care and system operation via E Agri's digital platform.

Reporting and benchmarking data - baseline data from all facilities will be reported on a daily basis for support and visibility.

Training growers - E Agri will provide horticultural training  on system operation and growing practices.


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Mr Nigel Blair

Founder & Chairman


As the founder of E Agri, Nigel is a passionate entrepreneur now focused on sustainable solutions using over 20 years of experience doing business in Australia and internationally in the US, Europe and Asia markets. Nigel was the driving force behind Envest and has had roles as founder, executive director and investor. His current key business interests include GreenCo Water ( with operations in Australia, SE Asia and China (delivering clean water solutions) and Nihao Global ( an organisation providing on-the-ground services for language, travel and interpretation for customers across 19 cities in China.


Originally from a rural background and with the family still owning the farm, he has a clear understanding of the rural and urban landscape, as well as risks and opportunities within these markets. Nigel has extensive experience in business operations, intellectual property (as an inventor, patents, licencing negotiation's), cross border transactions, plastics and plastic manufacturing, due diligence and executing business acquisitions.

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Tony Bundock

Horticultural Consultant


Tony is E Agri’s horticulture consultant and brings with him 35 years of commercial growing and crop management experience. Tony has managed commercial flower growing farms in the UK,  and also managed Chisholm Institute’s National Precision Cropping Centre – a leading industry training facility.  Tony is an expert in climate systems and LED lighting and a technical trainer for Priva NL systems in Australia. 


Tony oversees all horticulture elements of the design process and is leading the lighting and climate monitoring evaluation process.  Tony will advise on the operations of the initial R and D  Facility, and provide training, support and technical guidance to future E Agri facilities.


Tony holds a Diploma in Commercial Horticulture and a Master’s Degree in Education, and is currently the Deputy Chair of Protected Cropping Australia.

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Gabor Dobradi

Engineering Manager


Gabor brings extensive Australian and overseas engineering and operational experience to E Agri.


Gabor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and possesses a wide technical and project management knowledge in technology and construction as well as leadership experience gained at industry majors like Procter & Gamble, Henkel and PepsiCo.


Gabor worked as Head of Engineering at Henkel responsible for expanding site layout and production output by delivering several greenfield constructions and technology projects. He held the position of Technical Manager at PepsiCo preparing and executing the Site Capital Management Plan. Gabor served as Technology Leader for several years at Procter & Gamble delivering regional NPI programs and production line installations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He also possesses deep experience in automotive and pharmaceuticals industries. Gabor plays a critical role in overseeing the design and engineering and project management for the build of the initial R and D showcase Facility. 


Eike Zeller

Technology Manager


Eike has broad sector start up and consulting experience in the AgTech and other technology industries.  Eike is on secondment from Sheda Digital, and is responsible for the development of the digital platform, IoT design and information security.  He has specific expertise in sensors and IoT.

Jason Song

Procurement Manager, Beijing


Jason Song is a practical and active manager with background knowledge from different fields, including system integration, foreign trade and power stations. Besides China, Jason has had international project experience in Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. Jason previously worked for a large Chinese state-owned enterprise and has extensive experience in logistics management, site coordination, business integration and tendering procurement. 

Jason is based in Beijing and his role is Procurement Manager. He is the in-country liaison for the Yixing Joint Venture and other two properties in Beijing and Rugao.  Jason is bi-lingual and has international procurement experience in industrial and agricultural projects.  Jason works closely with the Australian team and has developed an in-depth analysis of the China market









LOGO White Text (002).png
LOGO White Text (002).png



We strive to develop and supply a system that grows the best product on the market.


We look after our people and reward excellent performance.


We work in a safe and healthy workplace.


We work with integrity and take responsibility for our actions.




For any enquiries, please call: (+61) 3 9819 3828 or fill out the form below:

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Australian Office

Suite B & C, Level 1

Hawthorn SC

104 Burwood Road

Hawthorn VIC 3122

Tel: (+61) 3 9819 3828

Singapore Office

14 Robinson Road


Far East Finance Building

Singapore 048545

Tel: (+61) 3 9819 3828

China Office

3003, 1# Building, Wanda Plaza

93 Jianguo Road

Chaoyang District

Beijing (100022)


Tel: (+86) (0)10 5960 5289 811


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